Healthier people, with better work quality and working longer at your company.

Today leading companies know that the most important thing are his collaborators. They are also aware that their staff is no longer retained only with a good salary.

From ARCoach we offer a service Training for Companies, which according to statistics, considerably improves the working environment.

What is the Training for Companies?

1 - Initial planning and body Anthropometry:When a workout plan begins, it is very important to know how your body is composed, to organize and plan physical activity to be performed so that the desired objectives are met. To do this, ARCoach employs a body measuring equipment of last generation, which allows in a few seconds, know exactly your body composition. The "anthropometry" is a noninvasive method of measuring body composition, practical and simple, which allows to know your percentage of fat and muscle tissue as well to know your basal metabolism, and your level of visceral adiposity. Eith this initial information, the activity is planned, either under this program and / or supplemented with other activities.

2 - Group and / or individual work: According to the contract format and your staff, individual/group weekly sessions are held (prior agreement of the organization and organizational culture), 30 or 60 minutes long, where staff performs different exercises, in a controlled and planned way, according to the objectives previously established with each person.


  • Increased ability to concentrate on the job.
  • Reduction of sickness and disease in staff.
  • Improvement in interpersonal relationships.
  • Significant decrease in absenteeism.
  • Considerably lower staff turnover.
  • Increased commitment to company results.
  • ncreases both qualitative and quantitative productivity.

Where you can train

  • In the same space where staff work (meeting rooms, conference rooms, patios, recreation areas).
  • The closest park to your company.
  • In a gym of your choice.

In what schedule?

  • t can be done during working hours, or outside it.
  • Monday through Friday from 11 to 17 hours, we have special promotions for this activity.
  • For more information, we propose to hold a meeting, adapting this plan to your needs.

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